The Coming Buddha, Ariya Metteyya.

Saya U Chit Tin, PhD.
Assisted by
William Pruitt, PhD

Buddhist Publication Society
Kandy • Sri Lanka

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahatto Sammasambuddhassa
We have gathered here all the information we could find in the Theravada tradition concerning the coming Buddha.[1] In Burma and Sri Lanka, the coming Buddha is generally spoken of as Ariya Metteyya, the Noble Metteyya.[2] The term Ariya was already added to the name in some post-canonical Pali texts, and it shows the deep respect felt for the Bodhisatta who will attain Awakening in the best of conditions. Indeed, all aspects of his career as a Buddha rank among the highest achievements of Buddhas of the past as recorded in the Buddhavamsa ...

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